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Anniversary Flowers
EFS's Classic Red Rose Vase Arrangement in Essex, CT | ESSEX FLOWER SHOPPE & GREENHOUSE
EFS's Classic Red Rose
Vase Arrangement
Show your loved one that your love is timeless with our Classic Red Rose arrangement. A dozen red roses come together in a sparkling glass vase as the truest testament to love. Standard size: 1 dozen roses. Deluxe size: 1 1/2 dozen roses. Premium size: 2 dozen roses. Image shows the Standard size.
Shown at $80.00
Shown at $80.00
EFS's Ivory Grace Premium Arrangement in Essex, CT | ESSEX FLOWER SHOPPE & GREENHOUSE
EFS's Ivory Grace
Premium Arrangement
Share soft and tender thoughts with someone with our Ivory Grace Arrangement. Soft white roses are matched with thistle and eucalyptus in a wooden container, perfect for someone who enjoys elegance, serenity, and grace. Image shows our Deluxe offering. PLEASE NOTE: Flowers and container depicted in the image may differ due to inventory demand and ARE NOT guaranteed to be included, but will maintain the overall look, feel, and style.
Shown at $100.00
Shown at $100.00
Anniversary Florals Designer's Choice in Essex, CT | ESSEX FLOWER SHOPPE & GREENHOUSE
Anniversary Florals
Designer's Choice
Give them something special for another year full of love! Let our designers take anniversary flowers to the next level for an arrangement that shows just how much you care. For the one who has everything, nothing says, “I love you” like beautiful fresh flowers arranged in a truly romantic fashion.
Shown at $75.00
Shown at $75.00
EFS's Classic Red Rose & Teddy Bear Vase Arrangement in Essex, CT | ESSEX FLOWER SHOPPE & GREENHOUSE
EFS's Classic Red Rose & Teddy Bear
Vase Arrangement
Send your loved one the classic pairing of red roses and a teddy bear! Red roses in a sparkling vase and a soft teddy bear are the perfect duo to tell your person that you love them. Standard size: 1 dozen roses & bear. Deluxe size: 1 1/2 dozen roses & bear. Premium size: 2 dozen roses & bear. Bear measures 15 inches.
Shown at $90.00
Shown at $90.00

Custom Flower Design
Custom Flower Design
Let us create a custom flower arrangement for you.
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Say I love You With a Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Whether it's your first or fiftieth, honor the special day and send your significant other an anniversary flower bouquet they will cherish for years

Say "I do" to one of our romantic floral arrangements. One of our arrangements makes a perfect anniversary gift with pink and red roses, grand lilies, cheerful daisies, and sweet carnations.

Roses and Their Meaning

Roses are popular flowers to give on anniversaries. Different colors of roses symbolize different things.

  • Red roses symbolize romance, love, beauty, and desire.
  • Dark pink roses mean appreciation and gratitude, while light pink signifies happiness and admiration.
  • White roses are associated with purity and represent new beginnings and hope
  • Orange roses represent passion, fascination, desire, and sensuality.
  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy.
  • Lavender roses, with their rare hue, represent the feelings of enchantment, adoration, and first love.

    Anniversary Gifts By Year

    Just like with gifts, certain flowers are tied to each anniversary year.

  • 1st- Carnations
  • 2nd- Cosmos
  • 3rd-Sunflowers
  • 4th-Geraniums
  • 5th-Daisies
  • 6th- Calla Lilies
  • 7th-Freesias
  • 8th-Clematis
  • 9th-Poppies
  • 10th-Daffodils
  • 11th-Morning Glories
  • 12th-Peonies
  • 13th-Chrysanthemums
  • 14th-Dahlias
  • 15th-Roses
  • 20th-Asters
  • 25th-Irises
  • 30th-Lilies
  • 40th-Gladiolus
  • 50th-Yellow Roses and Violets

    Forgot your anniversary?

    Call us and we can work to ensure that your sweetheart will get their flowers today! We offer in-store pickup and delivery. Are you celebrating this anniversary apart? No worries, we can deliver no matter the final destination. Call, order online, or come by the shop today.